The Muddled Peacock was made to distract, document, and entertain. Its format may evolve – daily, monthly, annually – and we hope that our love for cocktails, coffee and cream tea will too. We want this to be a place of social gathering that will encourage creativity with a touch of class.

Below are the sorts of posts you might find on our blog but we would also love to incorporate the ideas of our readers; what we hope will form an eclectic mix of cocktails, fashion, photography, afternoon tea, brunch, as well as country adventures in the Cotswolds and the Yorkshire Dales.

It may get a little muddled but we’ve got that covered in the name. And, after all, aren’t some of the most interesting things one comes across often the product of a matrimony of the most diverse interests, styles and talents?


Classic of the month – The base of all cocktail creations, the drinks that shook their way into James Bond, Classic Cocktails are the perfect way to discover the wonderful world of mixology. They have stayed classic for a reason….

Experimental of the month – We’ll see where Dickon’s mixology skills takes us with his modern twists on classics.

Fortnightly alphabet – The challenge starts here.


The Peacocktail Review – reviews of cocktail bars whenever and wherever we can.

Tea with the Queen: afternoon tea in the year of the Jubilee – ditto, but for restaurants, tea salons…


Posts on random things we like or stumbled across – film, fashion, coffee shops, abstract ideas…  – and themed parties

So between one-off posts and our regular spots, hopefully you’ll find something you like!