And so the brunch quest begins…

So we have ventured into the realms of afternoon tea and found some yummy elements to remember when pondering the notion of an ideal afternoon tea menu. And whilst cocktails remains a very open field to dip in and out of, we thought that we would add a new quest to our story: brunch. What do you think of when we say brunch? Do you think big American diner-style breakfast with stacks of pancakes dripping with syrup, or do you think full English Breakfast… even fuller than your usual full English?? Or perhaps a more delicate serving of scrambled eggs and smoked salmon?

One thing that would have to feature in our brunch daydreaming would be cinnamon buns; Nigella and her scrumptious recipe has made damn sure of that. Whilst on my daily Pinterest travels I went on a bit of a manic cinnamon bun journey and discovered that one can have so much fun with these tasty delights – cinnamon bun lollipops, heart-shaped cinnamon buns, tightly rolled cinnamon buns, individual cinnamon buns, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian… Cinnamon swirls, cinnamon whirls, cinnamon bun bites. My mouth’s watering a little.

Anyway, the point being that I am now making it my mission to bake these wonderful buns over the next week or so and share with you what seems to work and what doesn’t, so that perhaps between us all we can come up with the master bake to rule them all…??

Thus arriving one step closer to the perfect brunch…

Cinnamon Buns on Pinterest