The fear of the fruit’s gone / scone

20121005-090040.jpgThe Cotswolds’ Daylesford Organic farm shop holds a special place in my heart for several reasons. The most recent of which: it was on the way to this hub of country chic that Dickon got down on one knee and changed my life. And it was at Daylesford that we sat sipping our way through a bottle of bubbly, staring at each other with these huge, uncontrollably goofy smiles on our faces.

Lunch at Daylesford is unbelievable. I tend to go for a mix of salads because there is such a delightful range to choose from. And the eggs.. ooh the eggs are sublime. The one thing I was never keen on though was the fact that they only bake fruit scones. Oh boy, problematic. Now those of you who have read my previous afternoon tea posts would know that I am not a fan of this ‘squashed fly’ variety of scones. And it often pained me not to be able to take my cream tea at Daylesford.

Anyway, on this particular visit, it must have been something to do with the happy walk over with Esther that had put me in a more adventurous mood. Instead of my usual cafetière, I went for a skinny cappuccino. And in light of my unexpected openness to trying something different, I did it – I asked for ‘a fruit scone with jam and butter please’.

The verdict? YUM. Perhaps an odd combination – cappuccino with a scone that is – but I LOVED it. The cappuccino was light but held perfectly (sometimes the skimmed milk gives way to an apologetic froth) and the scone was the perfect texture: somewhere between the rustic homemade ones – whose downfall is their slightly overpowering floury taste – and the sort that M&S produce en masse – just a little too smooth, giving the impression of an over-processed bake.

I fear I may have contributed to the distortion of afternoon tea, as picked up on in my previous afternoon tea post. But what I no longer fear is the fruit scone and this was too good not to post. Allez, what are you waiting for? Some seriously tasty scones await you at Daylesford.