The Urban Coffee Company

What an exciting day this turned out to be. Not only did I buy an engagement ring from Birmingham’s famous Jewellery Quarter, but also stumbled across this little place while waiting for the ring to be resized. The Urban Coffee Company has 2 emporiums in Birmingham, one in the Jewellery Quarter and one on Church Street.

I almost walked straight past as it’s ultra urban look meant that the shop front is glass and has minimal signs. Spot it I did though and found urban chic with a touch of old fashioned class. Breeze blocks walls with black and white photos, stone concrete floor with leather armchairs, beanbags and solid oak tables, it was all rather well balanced.

Its main act, however, was still to be tasted. After asking for a black filter coffee, the server asked which bean and pointed to a selection of 5. What a surprising selection! After careful consideration, I settled on a Columbian bean and this jar was whisked away and the beans were ground and prepared. The resulting brew was brought to me and was as delicious as I hoped. It had a full body with great acidity and intense fruitiness. It did the desired job admirably and calmed me after what was one of my more stressful shopping experiences.

I sat in my armchair and supped the delicious Columbian brew as I watched the world go by out of the giant glass windows and started to plan my proposal.

This coffee shop can be found on Warstone Lane in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter and comes highly recommended by us here at The Muddled Peacock.