Lizard Lounge, Paris

This bar came recommended by several acquaintances over the years and though I have never been convinced, I decided to give it a go as I was passing through the Marais… The address: 18 Rue du Bourg-Tibourg, 75004.

I know that first impressions can be rather biased so please do correct me if I am mistaken in my overall judgement of the Lizard Lounge.


Other than our little gathering of three, there was only one other couple in the bar. It was, however, around 5pm on a Tuesday and I have been told that the atmosphere does pick up later in the evening or later on in the week. The bar area is quite nice and several signs dotted across the walls boasting the likes of ‘Mariage Frères‘ and ‘brownies‘  let you know that this might be a fun tea or coffee stop.

The Olympics was showing on the TV screen but that was the only thing that created any atmosphere on this occasion.


As the image shows, we ordered between us a ‘Lizard Juice’ (one of several house specials), an Apple Martini and a Caipirinha. The Lizard Juice was refreshing but nothing more – it turned out to be one of those classic amateur cocktails that might as well be a mocktail. The Apple Martini was distinctly average and the Caipirinha well below par, with little lime in it and white sugar that hurt my teeth (haven’t they heard of demerara!?).

Overall, disappointing. Though it was happy hour…


The bartender seemed a lot more interested in the Olympic synchronised swimming than her customers. It was hard to catch her attention and she didn’t even serve us our drinks at the table, despite the fact that there were so few customers in the bar.


For me, there was nothing that stood out to me as different or appealing about this bar.


The bar is situated in the Marais – generally a cool area to be. However, the fact that it is up a side street by a couple of tea and perfume shops, away from the bustling streets of the likes of rue Vieille du Temple or rue des Rosiers, it doesn’t seem to benefit from the flow of tourists, nor does it have enough of a buzz to attract many locals.

TOTAL** 14/40

All in all, not great! Its location is probably what saves this bar but if I were in charge, I’d think about a low-key rebranding campaign that placed it well amongst the trendy Parisians who frequent the area. I have read that the bar can get quite packed when its music is blasting out but I still get the impression that this appeals to those who love the Irish bars in Paris – not my scene at all.

I can’t really say that this bar was a disappointment, as I hadn’t expected much from it to start with.

**our scale may develop as we visit more bars but the description should give you a fuller idea of what to expect