A is for Apple Martini

Well, the first instalment of our fortnightly alphabet is upon us and I am excited to bring you a modern classic, the Apple Martini. The Appletini, as it is often known, is an easy drinking and refreshing take on the more refined and most classic of all, Martini. Thanks to Dr Dorian in Scrubs, you may know this drink as quite effeminate and not one to order in front of your peers but this drink is too tasty to be ignored. If you really can’t bear to order one, take this recipe and make it at home! Like any Martini, this drink has quite a kick, however the fruitiness juice calms the harsh dryness you may find in the classic. The lime juice really is a must, as without it you are left with quite a bland flavour in need of a citrus burst.


2oz vodka

½ an apple cut into peices

2oz apple juice

1oz calvados

1/2oz lime juice


Muddle the apple pieces in the bottom of a shaker. Add the remaining ingredients and shake with lots of ice. Double strain and serve in a chilled martini glass with an apple wedge as garnish.

Apple Martini