Dark & Stormy Variation – Part I

The image that is conjured up at the mention of a ‘storm’ rather sums up the current atmosphere in Britain.  From Danny Boyle’s SPECTACULAR (go on, give us your opinion) creation featuring, you guessed it, a storm, to the storm conjured up by the media at the very hint of Olympics-related drama..  And it was on that very night, the one no Brit could ignore, that I made my first of two variations of a Dark & Stormy.

Bearing in mind that a Dark & Stormy is probably my most-ordered drink in joints where there is a distinct lack of lime muddling going on (shocking in my opinion), this was a dangerously sensitive task.  Particularly without Dickon by my side…

SO.  I named this one a ‘Gothic Tempest’.  Its colour and stormy qualities made it even more intense than the classic Dark & Stormy.  Esther and I sipped on this throughout the opening ceremony and I cannot tell you how fitting this drink was for the occasion.  Part of our childhood was spent in Edinburgh and when the choir was singing the Scottish National Anthem we could hardly contain ourselves.

Anyway, overall I really liked this drink though I think a little tweaking is needed – namely the black raspberries may be better used by blending and straining them and therefore adding a smoother pulp to the drink.  Though perhaps this would take away from its stormy disposition…?


10 mac black raspberries

1 tsp sugar (Demerara of course)

1 dash Chambord

2oz Lamb’s rum

Top up with ginger beer


Place the raspberries into the glass and muddle with the sugar.  Add a couple of ice cubes and pour on the Chambord and then the rum.  Add a couple more ice cubes and top up with ginger beer.