The beginning of a gin-filled adventure…

Gin. I have for a long time distanced myself from this spirit, writing it off as the wicked step-sister of Vodka. Recently, however, I find myself drawn to the idea of a gin cocktail. Knowing little about it, and having little experience mixing it, I decided to make use of the bottle of Gordon’s gin my sister had kicking around and try to bring to life the new gin that had been fashioned in my head.

Of the three cocktails I tested, it was the modern classic, the Wibble that seemed to go down best. Unaccustomed to that particular feisty gin kick (particularly those of you who aren’t keen on it will know what I mean), I had to remind myself that cocktails are not there to mask the taste of the alcohol but enhance it, complement it, give it depth.

Well, I’m sure that Dickon will be able to work his magic and take my gin-filled adventure to a whole new level. I’ll have to invite along my old uni flatmate and gin fanatic, Sophia, and make a party of it…

So here is our winner (recipe by Gin and Tales):


30ml/1 part Gin

30ml/1 part fresh pink grapefruit juice

10ml/0.25 parts fresh lemon juice

5ml/1 bar spoon Demerara sugar

5ml/1 bar spoon crème de mûre (although I used Chambord, which is black raspberry as opposed to blackberry)


Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled Martini glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.

I also tried out a recipe from the Gordon’s website – a Gordon’s Elderflower Frost (see photo)– and a classic Bramble (another recipe pinched from Gin and Tales). This strange gin fantasy I had been having involved gin and elderflower so I thought I had found ‘the one’ in the Gordon’s Elderflower Frost. Sadly it proved disappointing as the elderflower itself was overpowered by the taste of the gin and the apple juice that it was mixed with. As for the Bramble, I feel its shortcoming was in fact my fault for trying to make it with Chambord. In which case, I would quite like to give it another chance using crème de mûre.