Experimental of the Month – Strawberry Mojito

Arguably a modern classic but still an experimental for many, this is a wonderful twist on Dickon’s – and most people’s – favourite cocktail, the Mojito. Obviously, Mojitos need no sprucing up as they are fantastic already but it is exciting to have something slightly different whilst keeping the natural magic of a Mojito.

Needless to say, the Strawberry Mojito was delicious. It had that fresh strawberry flavour we associate with summertime with a hint of mint and a kick of rum. It was a drink that just went down a little too well and a must for fruit lovers. Muddling fresh strawberries straight into the drink meant that it had a fantastic bright red colour and looked incredibly appetizing. The abundance of crushed ice cooled the drink so much that even the condensation on the outside of the glass froze and gave a frosty layer over the bright red cocktail.

You can use most berries when trying a twist on a Mojito, but it just so happened that I had a few spare strawberries in the fridge.


7 strawberries, hulled

50ml white rum

12 mint leaves (plus a sprig for garnish)

2 tsp Demerara sugar

Half a lime cut into quarters

Splash soda water

Crushed Ice

Highball glass or Collins glass


Muddle the mint with the sugar until bruised, then add the lime pieces and continue muddling. Add 6 of the strawberries and continue to muddle until the strawberries are almost completely liquid. Next, add half of the ice and churn vigorously until all ingredients are mixed. Add half of the remaining ice and the rum and churn once more. Add the rest of the ice leaving a small space in the top of the glass and add just a small splash of soda water. Use the remaining strawberry and mint sprig to create a beautiful garnish and serve with 2 sip straws to your eagerly awaiting drinker and wait till they order another!