Punta Reina Coctel, Mallorca

This may or may not be the official name of the very fitting cocktail bar we frequented throughout our stay in Mallorca, but you can find it on Carrer de la Punta Reina in Cala Mendia (near Portocristo).


Hidden away from the classic island resorts, this was the perfect holiday cocktail go-to but without the tourists! It had a chilled, highly personal atmosphere that made us feel like the place was ours for the week. The open plan bar encouraged conversation with the bartenders while we watched them shake or, more often than not, muddle our cocktails.


The drink standard did vary but was generally really good. Having tried several takes on the frozen Daiquiri, we felt we were experts by the time it came to testing out this bar’s Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri and sadly the use of a purée that looked – and tasted – suspiciously artificial meant that it wasn’t the best we’d ever had…


The friendly bartenders remembered us after the first night and tailored our cocktails to our taste – thus furthering that special feeling of being a local, albeit for a short period of time.

For example, the first Caipirinha – without a doubt Laura’s utmost favourite cocktail – ordered had been topped up with soda water so upon ordering her second, Dickon used his Spanish skills to request the omission of this unwelcomed mixer… The result: Laura’s Caipirinhas were now topped up with yet more Cachaça! After the first visit, we didn’t even need to ask, they knew to make our Caipis in its full Brazilian glory.


For us this became our social hub at night and therefore made up a big part of our holiday experience.


Considering the 2 minute walk, this bar was perfectly positioned for where we were staying but if you were looking for more to do it’s a little isolated.

TOTAL** 29/40

Overall, we had a lot of fun at this bar and it definitely had that glowing holiday feel to it that caused us to inhabit its lounge for our entire stay.

**our scale may develop as we visit more bars but the description should give you a fuller idea of what to expect