Cala Sa Nau, Mallorca


This beach turned out to be another beautiful holiday location not to be flooded with tourists. There were families, couples and groups of friends but it was the music that set the mood. The Deep House music seemed to reiterate the warmth of the sun and the whole vibe of the beach can only be summed as ‘smooth’.


The weak point of this bar was its drinks – not a good sign! To demonstrate the poor quality of the cocktails served here: the Caipirinha and Mojito selected to quench our thirst were topped up with Sprite. Even the crunch of the Demerara sugar was not enough to save those cocktails!

However, the drinks did do their job and the experience was not overly tainted by the disappointment of the cocktails.


The service was average. The bartender who served us was friendly enough and we were happy doing our own thing.


Walking across the rocks, drawn to this beach by its chilled out beats; relaxed but sociable, beach-y yet homely, we loved the afternoon spent here.  Not only were there bartenders working this beach but also a masseuse and DJ too so it was quite an exciting place to be for an afternoon/evening.


The location is absolutely ideal: beach, sun, great music, cool people…

TOTAL** 26/40

Although it doesn’t reach a score all that high on our scale, we absolute loved the overall experience of this beach. The drinks are of a poor quality but the music and the atmosphere make up for it so that you consider the cocktail in hand a special variation of a cold drink as opposed to a bad cocktail.

**our scale may develop as we visit more bars but the description should give you a fuller idea of what to expect