En vacances

Well, fellow cocktail lovers – who may or may not be partial to the odd brunch and/or afternoon tea or two – having enjoyed the Murray match accompanied by our very own Wimbledon cocktail, we are now packing in preparation for a well-deserved trip to the sunny shores of Mallorca. And no, we do not have matching t-shirts, nor will we be sporting pink feather boas on the plane. Adiós amigos!

Oh, if you’re wondering how we chose to construct our Wimbledon cocktail, the recipe is below. We’d seen several takes on ‘the Wimbledon cocktail’, particularly wishing that we had had time to try the spread at Harvey Nicks’ Fifth Floor Bar. They’ll have finished by the time we’re back but here’s what we’re missing (thankfully documented by The Cocktail Lovers, our new heroes):



3 strawberries

½ oz elderflower cordial (from a lovely homemade bottle brought over by a friend)

1/s tsp Demerara sugar

¼ oz lime juice

1oz vodka

Top up with champagne

Blend the strawberries, elderflower, sugar, lime juice and vodka with 1 ice cube until smooth. Pour into Martini glass or champagne flute until half full and then slowly top up with champagne and watch bubbles explode!

We also tried variations with Crabbie’s ginger beer instead of – or as well as – champagne for an extra tasty version.