Frozen Blueberry Daiquiri

The Perfect Frozen Daiquiri: fruity, tasty and ice cold, drink that reminds most of hot, sunny days on holiday beaches. A simply wonderful way to use up a punnet of blueberries found in the fridge.

So what will complement the blueberries and rum in this drink so that it makes your taste buds sing? Well the main aim is to bring out the taste of the blueberries and this is done by adding just a touch of Demerara and balanced out with a hit of lime. To add an extra dimension to this already tasty treat is the addition of Cointreau (or triple sec). The orange tang works perfectly with the blueberries and makes it even more special. The whole lot is then blended with ice and served in a Martini glass to create a fruit sensation that will put you straight onto a Mediterranean beach.

So why blend this cocktail when it is being made in the evening in rainy England and not as a refreshing cooler in sunny Majorca? Why not create a classy, elegant blueberry daiquiri that is served double strained? The answer is in the colour. That amazing deep purple colour is created by blending and keeping the skin in the cocktail, rather than muddling the fruit and throwing it away. Such is the impact of the frosty, velvet glass that the first sip of this delicious drink is taken with the eyes.

2 oz White rum

1 oz Cointreau/Triple sec

1/2 oz Lime juice

10 blueberries

1/2  tsp Demerara Sugar

5 ice cubes (crush first for easier blending)

Blend all ingredients together and serve in a Martini glass. Serve and drink immediately.