Let’s start at the very beginning. A very good place to start.

When you blog you begin with…

Well we’ve rearranged A-B-C to B-A-C but thanks to Julie Andrews I have found the heart of our blog: Brunch, Afternoon tea, Cocktail parties. Quite possibly the 3 best courses in a day in fact. This is why it is with great pleasure that we announce our new blog, The Muddled Peacock.

Who’s we you ask… Well, Dickon is a talented sportsman, teacher and coach as well as Laura’s very own cocktail genius. Laura is about to graduate with a degree in European Management with French and plans to spend the entire summer taking a break by catching up on fashion and trying Dickon’s cocktails – experimental and classic alike.

Anyway, more about us as we go but for now let us return to my earlier point. We are going to bring you our highlights of those 3 favourite courses. We are going to do our utmost best to throw as many brunches, tea parties and cocktail soirées as possible this summer and see where it takes us. This may entail tea for two or cocktails for the masses but will always feature a delightfully selected mix of baking, cooking, decorating, brewing, shaking, mixing… or all of the above.

As we get the hang of our new favourite pastime we will start to compile our ponderings and tastings into themes and categories so bear with us until we get organised and enjoy the muddled-ness.

So you, our future readers, we know you’re out there! Gather, enjoy, follow. We’ll test recipes, we’ll provide reviews of bars and their cocktails, tea salons and their scones… we’ll even take requests. Come join in, drop us a line, send us a brief and we’ll try to come up with the ideal creative concept for your social gathering.

Bonne dégustation!